About myself.

I am a retired multi-skilled male who enjoys visiting boot and antique fairs looking for unusual items that appeal to me.   I am not trying to make a living or a profit.  My intention is not to buy and sell.

However, I have a financial limit and only so much space in my home to display things.   So at some point I have to make painful decisions and let items go.   The up-side to this is that I then have space to fill and some capital to play with.    And I do enjoy the hunt looking for new items of treasure.

I also have some friends who might want to display items here, perhaps to ask for help in identifying the artist or to find a new home for that special something.

p.s.  It is only the special items that will be displayed here.

       I have got a vast amount of junk which would easily fill a warehouse.

“The path to antique knowledge is paved with junk”.

It is also worthy of note that even items bought in a Charity Shop or Boot Fair may have entailed travelling 60 or 70 miles (this is a lot in the UK) or being in a cold wet field before the early bird leaves his nest.  So don’t expect it at a boot fair price.  Also what I paid for an item does not have any reflection on it’s worth - it’s worth what it’s worth - even if I overpaid for it [and that has happened a lot].

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Thought for the day

When someone’s behaviour defies logic - then, emotion is involved.

       (I first said that)

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