How to make contact

You might want to make contact for a variety of reasons

To help me identify the artist or other helpful information regarding an item

displayed on this site.

To make enquiries with regard to acquiring one of the items displayed on this site.

To make comments & help me improve the presentation of this site.

Plus many other possible reasons that I haven’t as yet realised.

(But NOT sales canvassing)

Currently there are two contact points.

For enquiries regarding the purchase of items :-

All other enquiries regarding the items :-

With all enquiries please start by quoting the item number and item description/name. Please allow some time for me to process your enquiry & reply.

I might reply and give you my mobile phone number - if I do, please don’t leave a voicemail message - I can’t afford to retrieve them all.  If there is no answer - hang up after the fourth ring or before the cell-phone answer system cuts in.  I don’t take the phone with me when I go out - so I can only answer it when I’m in.

(This is a new venture for me and if it becomes necessary, alternative arrangements will have to be made - to make things easier for you)

This is NOT an invitation to canvas me for software or IT support of some kind.

If there is something I want or need, I will ask for it !

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