Item 02

Carved wooden statue of a    Phoenix

A beautifully carved statue of a Phoenix by an  (as yet) unidentified artist.

Item 02b Item 02b


Crafted by a true artist who managed to utilise the natural flow of colour (in the wood) to illustrate the tones & hues of the plumage.

The carving is of high detail front and rear.

There is a small artist’s mark on the underside of the base (shown below) which I have not, as yet, deciphered.  Can you ?

This striking piece of modern art looks so regal standing in pride of place on a display case.  Wouldn’t you like to own this splendid piece of hand-crafted art.

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item 02 Phoenix.

Item 02b

<<  The signature        underneath.

:  25 cm


:  406 grams


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