Item 03

Brass Desk Globe

This is a really substantial artefact with some age.

 Probably mid to late 1900s.

What a desk ornament to enhance your office or study this is.

If you would like to own this fantastic vintage piece of engineering,

please contact me.

This impressive piece of engineering comprises of a hollow sphere mounted on

an axle which allows it to be spun round.   The sphere does not appear to have

a join (which you would expect) showing it was not made in two pieces and

then joined.

The lower (outer) rim is marked with the 12 signs of the zodiac, the 12 months

of the year and the degrees 0 to 90  twice.

The upper (inner) ring is embellished with images of planets and astral bodies.

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When making contact please quote

item 03 Brass Globe.



: 24.5 cm


: 23.3 cm


: 24.5 cm


: 7 kg (all brass)

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